A Family Dynasty: Artioli

In the footwear industry no brand has quite the rich history or knowledge as the Artioli family. Over the last century, Severino, Vito, & Andrea Artioli have fostered an artisanship that is under-appreciated in an era where mass production and short-lived fashion trends are the norm. Despite the chaos, Artioli has distinguished their brand by staying consistent, innovative, and authentic. The company has access to some of the most exotic quality leathers, works with an elite group of shoemakers that hand dye & stitch every pair, and developed innovative techniques to create comfortable luxurious shoes

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Severino Artioli, grandfather to company founder Andrea, began his shoemaking career in 1912 and through years of apprenticeship, developed tools to refine the shoemaking process. His son Vito furthered the family’s shoemaking knowledge by creating an elastic tongue in the 1950s that allowed trendy shoes to be adjusted. Yet it would be Vito’s son – Andrea Artioli that would break into the US market, leverage his passion to obtain new clientele and create the Years 2010 lines that blended old and new traditions.

Andrea’s job at a San Francisco based shoe boutique in the mid eighties proved to be an enlightening moment for him. He worked with clients to help them put their best foot forward (literally!) by offering customized leather options, incorporating foot measurements to maximize foot & heel support, and breathable lining. Once a client tries them it’s easy to understand why it takes 200 intricate operations to complete one pair of shoes!

Andrea Artioli holding Model F18 from 2017-18 Collection presenting at Sentiero, San Francisco

Andrea Artioli holding Model F18 from 2017-18 Collection presenting at Sentiero, San Francisco

This hands-on approach and extensive shoemaking process is the reason why many public figures have been drawn to their shoes. The last four (and current) US presidents, Pope John Paul II, and music icon Michael Jackson are just some of the people who have worn Artioli’s shoes. These are men who had a great political, religious, or musical responsibility to continue a legacy while cementing their own. It is only fitting that the Artioli family who has perfectly captured the art of shoemaking be ones helping these public figures put their best foot forward.