Giuseppe Zanotti: "I Give Her Power!"

Every woman wants to have that perfect pair of shoes in her wardrobe - the one she wears, even on a bad morning, and creates an amazing effortless look. Fashion creator Giuseppe Zanotti said once " I'm like a psychologist,I can discover a panther inside a woman and then boosh! I can give her power!". It can't be more true about Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. They are an ultimate part of woman's wardrobe, that can make all the difference. 

You'll say: "But it's just shoes! What's so special about them?". Giuseppe Zanotti provocative and modern style has won hearts of many women around the world. Everything started over 20 years ago, when Giuseppe bought VICINI factory and created his first footwear line. His talent and passion for shoemaking couldn't stay unnoticed, and very soon he started appearing on Milan and Paris Pret-a-Porte shows. 

Unlike a number of brands, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are produced exclusively in Italy. And unique edgy design helps to create an unforgettable look. 


Over these years he had created numerous signature design shoes. One of the most famous is Giuseppe's zip high-top sneakers, audacious, but at the same wearable during the whole day. Many celebrities, including Nicole Sherzinger, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez loves provocative and edgy Giuseppe's style. JLo regularly chooses Giuseppe's sneakers both for her performances and every day life, so no surprise he named the whole sneakers line "Jennifer" after her. 


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Ellada Yuryeva SENTIEROComment