“When Will You Marry?”

Italian fashion powerhouse Loriblu, has a reputation for creating some of the most iconic shoes to ever grace the runway and the red carpet. Celebrities from the likes of R&B legend Mary J. Blige to British artist Ellie Goulding have all sported the brand, which prides itself in using skilled smiths to create of all of its shoes. All shoes are created in their state of the art facility located in the Italian coastal town of Porto Sant'Elpidio.

Graziano Cuccù, founder & head designer, along with his wife Annarita Pilotti are the masterminds behind Loriblu’s ability to fuse handcrafted artistry with modern day technology. Their partnership has created an authenticity not easily found in everyday clothing and accessories.

This authenticity is evident in the brand’s recent collection, inspired by nature and that includes a limited edition design inspired by French artist Paul Gauguin.

Gauguin spent much of his artistic career seeking to breakaway from the monotonous impressionism movement that he believed had stifled the Parisian art scene. He would eventually be at the forefront of Post-Impressionist movement and his travels to Tahiti would lead to the creation of some captivating artwork.

Gaugin’s, “When Will You Marry?” sold for a whopping $300M in 2015.

His painting, “When Will You Marry?” features two Tahitian women seated next to each other. One sports a white flower in her hair and uncomfortably shies away from the woman seated behind, who is giving her a stern disapproving look. Gauguin captures perfectly the relationship between the two subjects – and indirectly generates dialogue of new vs. old traditions, innocence, and adulthood. Most importantly the French artist captures the unique features of each woman, something that Cuccù made sure to incorporate into the shoe & handbags that he designed.

The shoes and bags feature the profile of the young Tahitian woman with a flower. Loriblu’s artisans use rich tones of red, white, green, and black leather to recreate her facial features. Her face is visible on the vamp of the shoes and on the side of the purses. Furthermore, the handbags have the painting’s title sewn on and ask the question that young girl was asked so long ago: “When will you marry?”

While her answer remains unknown, it is clear that Loriblu has married new and old artistry by creating a bold shoe that exudes a human touch and state of the art technology.