By blending rich history and technology, Artioli products reached top handmade footwear brands in the world.  These results were unimaginable at the start of Severino Artioli career, when in 1912 he began to work in the handcrafted shoes shop. Over time perfecting his creations, designing perfect lines and developing his own style of handmade shoes; he quickly became prominent inventing and improving innovative tools and production processes, which gradually implemented shoemaking techniques over the years. 

Artioli techniques have created shoes that would fit almost as if it was made to size, because it was tubular and, like a glove, would adapt and conform to the foot wearing it. 

To match their fine handmade footwear, there have been created belts in the same exotic leathers with precious buckles, together with lines of wallets, bags, luggage, gloves, jackets, coats. All of this was inspired by fashion's will to see a man dressed in a refined, elegant and sophisticated manner. 


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Sophisticated and feminine design is the Loriblu's signature that has been created over nearly 50 years of brand history. Both male and female handmade footwear lines are distinguished by their high quality leather, handcrafted shoes and comfort. From flat shoes to stiletto heels, Loriblu has reached a proven level of comfort, by carefully handcrafting and handstitching  shapes and forms. 

Loriblu embodies true Italian style - rich in shapes, embellishment, details and handmade comfort. The collection varies from classic ankle boots to edgy Oxford shoes.


Entrepreneurial brothers Guido and Giorgio Ballin set up the company in 1945 in Fiesso D’Artico on the Brenta Riviera in Italy. The brand is recognized for the craftsmanship that set the Ballin brothers’ creations apart. Unique Italian family brand of handmade shoes and accessories, that has been winning hearts of women around the world for over 80 years. Its distinctive jewel sandals, pumps and many more are a perfect example of Italian shoemaking skills. 


No one like Italians can create truly perfect handmade shoes. Nando Muzi handcrafted shoes rich history started from a small family brand, evolving into a true handcrafted footwear brand with signature edgy design. Its first line of handmade shoes gold and silver sandals was a real success. Celebrities like Italian singer Laura Pausini and actress Lindsay Lohan have been spotted wearing unique shoes by Nando Muzi.

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This Italian company started out in 1965 as a rural family firm in the Marche region and went on to become a standout brand in the international footwear and fashion scene. Two brothers Elisio and Enrico Fabi made the first pair of shoes in an improvised workshop in a basement. Since then Fabi has continued to make quality Italian shoes, combining the traditional shoemaker's craft with an eye for elegance, innovative design and a passion for the classics. A combination of sophistication, simplicity and attention to detail is what made Fabi creations appeal to a wider audience of fashion lovers.

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Provocative and sophisticated, Giuseppe Zanotti has become the top handmade shoe designer in the world. His handcrafted footwear brands Giuseppe Zanotti and Vicini represent true Italian sophistication, coupled with high quality leather, and unique Italian shoemaking techniques. 

GZ signature handmade leather sneakers have become a favorite companion for J Lopez performances and everyday life. Along with other world famous celebrities, J Lo chooses GZ brand as a perfect fit for both day and night occasions.  

LORIBLU FW 2016/17. LORIBLU is exclusively sold at SENTIERO in the Bay Area.

LORIBLU FW 2016/17. LORIBLU is exclusively sold at SENTIERO in the Bay Area.